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Using WhatsApp Properly

There is nothing wrong with WhatsApp as an application and a messaging platform. In fact, we see it as one of the best messaging platforms on Android and iOS phones. Whether you are using these mobile platforms, or you are based in any country in the world, you can use WhatsApp. All you have to do is use your local cell phone number in order to set up your account and you are good to go. The account only costs $1 a year to keep, and you get the first year free. It is why so many use WhatsApp on their phones to talk with all their friends.

But there are some drawbacks where WhatsApp is concerned. Parents get concerned because they have no idea who their kid is chatting with. They could be chatting with anyone who is pretending to be someone else, because you can never really know. They may have online friends from other countries who they chat with. There is nothing wrong with that, because kids these days have friends from all over. But you may want to see what they are saying and whether or not they are being safe.

And one way to make sure your kid is safe while using WhatsApp is by enabling the WhatsApp Spy App, which is described here: The app is really simple to use and it has so many benefits. Your kid is not even going to know you are reading their messages, but you can read every single message they send or are sent. You can also take a look at the names and the numbers of people they use the app to talk with. It is a good idea to do this for your kid, especially if they are young. When they are 17 or 18, you can take away the restriction!