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Ejuice has other names too

This short, informational article serves as an anecdotal introduction to the habit and practice of taking up the new trend of electronic cigarette smoking. Slowly but surely, for more good reasons than bad, and not for better or for worse, more and more men and women are ditching tobacco smoking in favor of e-cigarette smoking. This article endeavors to make life a little more interesting and encouraging for tentative readers still contemplating whether or not to try out ejuice.


It is quite understandable that suffering smokers remain as nervous as ever. After all, they have been trying for years to give up a dangerous and hazardous habit. Ejuice smoking is a lot less harmful to the smoker’s health, and to those in their immediate vicinity. Far less smoke is emitted during the pleasurable process of this still new trend. Also, the smoke emitted does not contain any stale tobacco smoke.

The aroma is pleasant too. It is almost like the old tobacco smoke (but obviously with a lot less of that old smoke) that carried its exuberant cherry aromas in the air. New e-cigarette smokers will be spoilt for choice with the multitude of flavors they will have to choose from. At the earliest stage of this new habit, some experimentation and the testing of different flavors are recommended. Also, it is hoped, new smokers won’t be settling on just one flavor (out of so many).

Ejuice has other names too. Two such names that also crop up are aerosol and vapor, with the latter term being the most popular to rival that of e-juice. The sensation of inhaling and exhaling vapor is still very much the same as that experienced during tobacco smoking; only now with substantially less harm being done to the old lungs.